Logan Dual Shower on Rail 2 hose

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  • Vendor HELLYCAR
  • SKU 11897

Overhead Shower WELS 3 star, 9L/min
Hand shower WELS 3 star, 9L/min

  • Includes water supply elbow.
  • Chrome hose connects elbow to bottom diverter.
  • Adjustable height top shower rail.
  • Ideal for replacement bathroom.
  • Stainless steel shower head round 200mm*2mm.
  • Chrome shower hose.
  • Round multi-function handheld Shower.
  • This product is best used for replacement shower without modifying the existing water outlet position.
  • A Complete Dual shower system including a bottom built-in water diverter (to provide easy switching from overhead to handheld shower).
  • This shower system provides a round Stainless Steel 200mm rain shower head.
  • The water supply elbow accommodates flexible plumbing outlet positions. A chrome hose provides connection to bottom of rail.
  • A flexible position lower bracket. (Provides multiple mounting positions).
  • The “easy use” slider provides a snappy adjustment for the handheld shower.
  • Handheld shower is standard with 5-function head providing a personalized shower experience with a high pressure to rain to massage spray.
  • The Anti-knot Stainless steel shower hose is “double interlock” providing a stronger and more durable product.